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An Update everyone,

I've finished the writing stage of my book.  Next is my personal revisions stage, where I reread and edit it to flow better.  I already know I will want to add a bit more with certain characters.  When I finish this stage I will be ready to share it with Beta Readers.  If you wish to volunteer, please leave me a message.  I hope to get a selection of readers from both the disabled and non-disabled communities, so please don't be shocked when I ask.  I value everyone's opinions so much, and my work could definitely use a good red penning, so don't hold back on the feedback. 

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. 


Recent posts

My Main Work: A Preview

Title: Project Sparrow

Genre:  Science Fiction

--Note:  This is only a section of my main work.  It is still in progress, however I won't be posting the whole piece up here.   This is only a preview, if you are interested in learning more, please contact me, and I'd discuss sending you a draft to beta read when it's ready for review.

Summary:  Cassidy grew up under the Dome, in a self-sustained society of world calamity survivor's descendants.  He's reaching the age when he'll take a placement test meant to assign him to his ideal career.  Cassidy's test results don't turn out as expected.  Can he find a way to lead an impactful life, even when no one expects him to.
Chapter 1: Birthday Cake It was the twenty first day of August, in the year of the dome 438, when young Cassidy turned 18 years old. Normally a birthday was a time for celebration, but not this year. This year it was a time for study, or so young Cassidy told himself, as he reread notes from…

Untitled 1

Status:  In Progress
Genre:  Science Fiction

Introduction:  A set of disasters has been occurring, each time leaving just one survivor, a child.  The main character goes to help, and soon discovers the child survivors have each developed a super power.  How?  Why?  What happens Next?

Edit History:  5/30 Additions
5/28/18 Complete Rewrite, Perspective Change

Chapter 1:

I was finishing up my sophomore year in college when it all started. The first couple of times, no one really thought anything of it. It was a smaller story, a few seconds mention on the news of a house fire in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Then, as it happened again and again, people started wondering if they were connected. The fires became longer stories, with star news anchors visiting the scene, and filmed interviews with authorities saying they were not yet prepared to make a statement. There were lots of theories including serial arson, faulty equipment, and even one about experimental testing done in the a…

About This Blog


My name is Sarah.  I was born with a Disability that makes it harder to walk.  I use crutches and wheelchairs to get around.  I also have a brother with a disability that is a lot more severe than mine.  He is completely bed-bound. 

When I was in school I hated writing.  Do you remember how the teachers used to give out sheets with prompts.  They'd be things like:  "Write about a family vacation."  or "Write about your favorite sport."  My life was always too boring to write nonfiction, and too complicated to write about the non boring stuff.  But then when I was in third grade my teacher used a different prompt altogether.  She gave out a picture with a whole bunch of characters on it and she said to pick one and write about it.  This was my first introduction to writing fiction, and from there I never looked back. 

Now, I am currently writing a piece, which I may one day showcase parts of on this blog.  Though that's not what It's for.  In writ…